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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the focus of BusyBytes?
Our core competence is the development of apps and e-commerce shops. We are happy to also support you with marketing e.g. with tailor-made videos and online marketing.
What technologies do you use?
Our current favorites are Angular, Ionic, ReactJS, React Native, Flutter, Gatsby, Next.js, Electron, WordPress, WooCommerce, Strapi, Firebase, Google Cloud, GraphQL, MongoDB. We also work with many other technologies and always pay attention to security, scalability and performance so that all projects can grow without restriction. Because of this attitude, many of our client relationships develop into long-term partnerships.
Do you offer a price guarantee?
We offer a 100 percent price guarantee for all pre-agreed services. So there are no surprises if, contrary to expectations, development takes a few hours longer.
How long does a project take approx.?
On average, we need around 3 months for a "straightforward" application or e-commerce shop. Depending on the range of functions, smaller projects can only take 1-2 months and larger projects up to 6 months.
Do you also oversee projects after completion?
Of course! We do not switch off after the end of the project, but are still available for questions and adjustments. If unexpected problems arise with the product, an integrated error detection system informs us and we take care of it immediately.

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