Why BusyBytes

As an innovative developer team, we know the language and trends of the future. We offer strategy, conception, design and development from a single source and support you from the vision to the finished product.

Recent Projects

We develop every app, website and software with dedication and passion.


High quality leads to lasting partnerships.

App Development

Expanding to mobile devices is crucial to build advanced connections between brands and their audiences.

Web Development

Every website and web-app we deliver combines engaging visual design and intuitive information architecture.

AR/VR & Games

Exciting, entertaining and incentivizing 3D applications lead to loyal fans and a possibly remarkable financial outcome.

Graphic & Design

With a consistent design concept, you can increase your brand awareness and establish a corporate identity.

Network & Connections

In our modern world, everyone is always connected with each other. We take care of the technology behind this process.


With every product, we also analyze your business goals and create a strategy to optimize your return on investment.


"Professional and above all very fast handling of open issues and tasks."

Daniel Gisin, Schäublin Treuhand AG

"Thank you very much for the great effort and the pleasant collaboration. We are looking forward to continue working with you."

Marcel Mathys, Matma Immobilien AG


Creative, curious and competent.

BusyBytes Team

Your Questions Answered

You want more information about our services? Hopefully these FAQs will help.

Yes, we are constantly taking on new projects. Get in touch and we can discuss a definite course of action.

Yes, we will continuously give you updates about the development progress.

Yes, an effective dialogue helps to stay on a mutually agreed path and adapt to unforeseen situations. However, big changes might affect budget or schedule.

Once we know a little more about the project, we can give you an estimate according to your budget. The first step is to get in touch.

We offer a 100% price guarantee for all pre-arranged services. So there are no surprises when the development takes a few hours longer than expected. (Please note that this does not apply to recurring services that are offered on an hourly basis.)

We will not switch off after completing a project, but instead continue to be available for further inquiries and adjustments. Obviously, if any problems appear with the product, it is our highest priority to fix them as soon as possible. If desired, we can also arrange hosting or maintenance contracts at reduced hourly rates.

Clients & Partners