Automateroutine tasks

With the help of modern cloud technologies and applied artificial intelligence, we digitalize your processes, leaving more time for valuable activities.

Sample automation with Gmail, Dropbox and Teams

When I receive a new email in Gmail

Copy the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox

Notify me in Teams about the new Dropbox file

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How your company can benefit from automation

Relieve employees and customers of routine tasks and gain a clear competitive advantage. We accompany you through the digital transformation.

Save time and costs

Digital solutions work without interruption, even at night and on weekends. This increases your productivity rate and saves staff costs.

Boost work morale

Automation creates freedom that allows the focus to be placed on more complex and creative tasks. This improves work ethic and the ability to innovate.

Improve customer experience

Self-service technologies enable greater availability in terms of time and location, time savings, and customer autonomy in service processes.


Some practical examples

Automation is available in many areas across all industries and is increasingly shaping everyday life in companies.

Interactive forms

Digital questionnaires can be used to efficiently query, receive and process information, such as the medical history form at the dentist.

Efficient administration

With an interactive portal, administrative information and documents can be processed, shared and analyzed.

User-friendly self-service

Customers can use services and products independently, including automatic billing.
Digital management platform (ImmoApp)
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Medium-sized companies in particular can benefit from the digital age. We look forward to consult you in a personal meeting about the automation of business processes and the development of new business models.

Jörg Siegel

BusyBytes GmbH

Digital text and speech recognition

Understanding spoken and written language allows conversational user interfaces (chatbots) and the extraction of information from documents.

Machine vision

Gain valuable information by classifying images and videos, for example, to identify incorrect posture in a movement sequence.

Analysis of structured data

Existing data can show unused potential for increasing efficiency.
Text recognition on a simple form

The future begins with a simple click.

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