App Development

Nowadays, expanding digital presence to mobile devices is crucial to build advanced connections between brands and their audiences. Modern, elegant and creative design along with forward-thinking functionalities is what separate good and great applications apart. Be it a business app, a game or something wicked and lovely, we make your content shine on mobile devices.

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Android • iOS • Flutter • React Native • AR • User Experience • Java • Kotlin • Swift • OpenGL ES • Push Notifications • Maps API • Messaging

Web Development

Every website and web-app we deliver is a fully integrated solution, combining engaging visual design, search engine optimization and intuitive information architecture. Responsive design leads to a layout that scales down beautifully, making the content accessible across all devices and screen sizes.

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ReactJS • VueJS • AngularJS • NodeJS • SEO • Wordpress • Drupal • Typo3 • Google Cloud • Firebase • AWS • Azure • Progressive Web Apps • HTML5 • CSS3 • AJAX • PHP • Python • SQL/MySQL • NoSQL

AR/VR & Games

Augmented & Virtual Reality applications, as well as games, are all built on the same basis: a profound understanding of 3D graphic programming. With our passion and broad experience in this area, we can build you the most entertaining and enjoyable applications for every platform.

Unity • C# • 3D Modeling • Multiplayer • Animations • GUI • .Net • OpenGL • Particle System • AI • Pathfinding

Graphic & Design

A positive first impression is indispensable, as it can be the deciding factor between a longlasting profitable relationship and an immediate rejection. With a consistent design concept, you can increase your brand awareness and establish a corporate identity.

Photoshop • Illustrator • 3D Modeling • Cinema 4D • After Effects • Typography • User Interface • Logo Creation • Video Editing

Network & Connections

In our modern world, everyone is always connected with each other. We take care of the technology behind this process and make sure that the network is reliable, scalable and secure. New technologies, like Blockchain-based applications, will revolutionize software and business sectors. We will help you to find ways to profit from this changing environment.

REST API • AWS • Google Cloud • Security • Firebase • Bluetooth (LE) • .NET • Sockets • NAT • Relay Server


Digital presence is an increasingly important part of business infrastructure. When developing digital products, we carefully consider your business goals and create a strategy to optimize your medium- and long-term return on investment.

Automation • IT-Consulting • Corporate Identity • Strategy • Marketing • Statistics • Finance