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  • Rush down the steep mountain slope and avoid any collision
  • Master daring tricks like slides, grabs, grinds and flips
  • Collect ski passes and unlock new characters, snowboards and other equipment
  • Dominate weekly competitions and earn valuable rewards
  • Progress through many leagues all the way to the top


SnowRacer: RampsYouTube

SnowRacer: GameplayYouTube



Selected Articles

  • It’s fun, gives quite an adrenaline boost, especially when the game speeds up and you can even play with a Yeti.

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SnowRacer Credits

Eric Birgel
Project Management & Design
Jörg Siegel
Project Management & Development
Stephan Winzer
Graphics & Gameplay
Simon Smaczny
Characters, Graphics & Animation
Santiago Degetau
Graphics, Lightning & Development
David Bochan
Development & Marketing
David Bockstaller
Gameplay & Testing