Android Design & Introduction

Control your music like never before.

Control your music playback by knocking on the front or back of your device! On Android, you can use all your favorite music apps with tipSkip! We've designed tipSkip Android to complement every music player you love. It automatically recognizes your active music player and allows you to control it.

TipSkip iOS Screens
iOS Design & Algorithm

Optimized knock detection algorithm.

We have spent countless hours to find the perfect balance between a sensitive and adaptive knock detection algorithm. The result is a very robust thresholding z-score algorithm that works on the principle of dispersion and adapts automatically to the current movement level.


“tipSkip is a small, brilliant app that allows you to control the playback without having to remove the iPhone from your pocket.” (AppGuide)
“Simply knock to skip to the next track in the playlist.” (Computerbild)
“It’s been so much fun to use tipSkip” (Snazzy Labs)