Staying in contact with clients.

The app helps Matma to provide their clients with the right information at the right time. Through push notifications and news stories, the property owners never miss an important event. To highlight the app features, we made a short animation video.

Matma App Screen

Extensive information in a compact layout.

Our priority was a simple and elegant design that guarantees a flawless user experience. The bottom navigation bar, combined with a clear information architecture, makes it easy to navigate the app.


The idea to connect property owners with the property management via an app is a very useful way to communicate. It provides clarity in the detailed property business. The clients of Matma don’t need to worry about missing important events, votes or opportunities anymore. Furthermore, every client has access to all the relevant documents about their property.
An admin interface makes it easy for Matma to publish information whenever they want. This allows Matma to provide an excellent service and build advanced connections to their clients.

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